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       Boarding Services

We offer full service boarding.  If it’s your dog, cat, bird, rabbit, etc, the folks at Stargate Kennel will be sure to treat your pet like one of their own.  Our state of the art facility keeps your pets safe and comfortable any time of year ~ including heated flooring during the winter months.
Rates are per pet, per night. Check out time: 3:00 pm
Dog Kennel:
Small Dog (~49 lbs)
Medium Dog (50~89 lbs)
Large Dog (90~up lbs)
Cat Rooms:
Exotic Pet:
Contact Us for Pricing
Extra Charges:
Insulin Pets
Special Diets
(Food Must Be Provided In Sealed Container)
Additional Exercise/Play
Puppy Pops
$2.00 (chicken or beef)
Doggie Ice Cream Bar
$3.50 (Made with yogurt, peanut butter and bananas)
2 Dogs in 1 Kennel (see Note below)
$1.00 per Dog
Grooming Per Pet While Boaring
To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you make your reservation as far in advance as possible, especially for the busy summer and holiday times. We do book up quickly! No deposit is necessary, but we do ask that, if your plans should change, you cancel promptly as a courtesy to those who may be on our waiting list.
You are always welcome to bring any of your pets belongings from home to make their stay as comfortable as possible.  From toys to treats to bedding, feel free to bring whatever they like.  We also stock plenty of bedding if you would like us to provide for you. 
Be sure your pet is current on his vaccinations. This is important for the health of your pet as well as the health of all our guests. We’ll need confirmation from your veterinarian.
Collect the phone numbers where we can reach you while you are away. If you will be giving us a local contact, be sure they are willing to make decisions for your pet on your behalf in an emergency.
Tell us about any health concerns or special needs your pet may have such as age, allergies, or if your dog is fearful of strangers. The better we understand your pet’s needs, the more pleasant and comfortable we can make his stay.
Be sure to let us know if we should schedule a groom or bath & brush for your pet before he heads home.
Our pet & play times are individually tailored to each guest’s needs and offer one-to-one contact with a staff member.

Note: Only guests from the same family play together at Stargate Kennel. We know that some facilities offer group play among dogs who are strangers to each other, but that is ill-advised. Some dogs, when placed in such a situation, will become overly rambunctious while others, perhaps less out-going by nature, will be intimidated or defensive. This can lead to interaction which is potentially dangerous. We want all of our guests to have a positive, safe experience at Stargate Kennel.

Can my pet catch an illness from being boarded?
Although we take every precaution to protect your pet from being exposed to disease while they are at Stargate Kennel, they can contract an airborne illness from another pet. By requiring current vaccinations, maintaining our state of the art ventilation systems, and practicing meticulous sanitation in our outdoor areas and twice-daily cleaning and disinfecting of indoor areas, we endeavor to minimize the risk. Additionally, our staff is trained to observe your pet and recognize early signs of common illnesses. We have isolation areas where guests displaying symptoms of illness are comfortably and safely. Think sending your child to school: you may have seen to it that he has received that season’s flu vaccine, takes his vitamins, and has proper nutrition and rest. Despite your best efforts he still may contract a cold or flu, possibly a strain that was not included in the vaccine.

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